Monday, June 28, 2010

Ron Turner is June EOM

Ron Turner
thought he was on his way to change out a podium in the PAC Restaurant, but little did he know he was about to be named June 2010 Employee of the Month.

Turner was a little camera shy when he walked in the celebration on June 25, 2010, but soon warmed up to the crowd.

Ron is a Building Service Sub-Foreman in Conference Services and has worked for UIS since April 19, 2005. He’s responsible for helping to pull off nearly every event in the PAC, so keeping his party a surprise was a big task.

“The fact that we could pull this off without you knowing about it is a major accomplishment, because Ron is so on top of everything,” said Carolyn Neitzke, director of Conference Services.

In the letter nominating Ron for the award, he’s hailed as being “very organized”, “always on time”, and “very hard working”. The letter goes on to say, “Ron takes great pride in his work. He helps out where ever he’s needed and always has a great attitude about his work.”

Turner is known for having a great rapport with staff and students in setting up for events.

“There are always last minute changes and he takes everything in stride and accomplishes everything needed for each even to be a success,” said his nominator.

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