Thursday, June 21, 2012

Erica Michael is the June EOM

Erica Michael was asked to secretly escort her co-worker, Ralph Shank, to his employee of the month party. But when she walked into the PAC Restaurant it soon became clear that she was the one being honored. Michael was named the UIS Employee of the Month for June 2012.

Michael, assistant to the chancellor, has worked at UIS since March of 1999. She is described as an expert in university processes and finances. She manages various types of accounts, oversees several unit budgets, and the overall Chancellor’s Office accounts.

“Erica has an outstanding attitude,” said her nominator. “Even when dealing with sensitive topics and problems and conflicts, she calmly gathers the information that is needed, asks good questions, always seeks clarification, and then makes good decisions. Her judgment is outstanding.”

She routinely steps up to help other units manage their finances when they are short-handed. Most recently, she has become an expert on the new electronic travel processing system.

“Erica provides a lot of behind-the-scenes assistance that no one ever finds out. She says yes, never mentions it to anyone, and just goes about her business and does it very well,” said her nominator.

In addition to her work in the Chancellor’s Office, she also has played a leadership role in the UIS State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA) campaign for several years. Michael is also a regular volunteer at UIS commencement and other campus events.

As Employee of the Month, Michael will receive a special parking spot for the month along with some extra spending cash on her i-card.