Friday, December 08, 2017

Brian Moore is the December Employee of the Month

Brian Moore, administrative clerk for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, has been named as the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for December 2017.

“Brian’s ability to work effectively with so many different groups on campus is exemplary,” said his nominator. “He is known for working efficiently and effectively with all groups, and for maintaining a professional approach and a helpful, friendly attitude.”

On a weekly basis, Moore works with the Campus Senate Executive Committee and Senators; with the chairs of various Senate committees, especially Undergraduate and Graduate Councils; with students, faculty and staff involved in the Undergraduate Student Research Support Program; and with administrators.

“Brain always keeps in mind that whatever the specific task he might be working on, his larger goal is to help ensure that we are providing excellent educational opportunities for our students,” said his nominator. “By keeping that objective in mind, he is able to maintain an optimistic outlook and to understand that even relatively small tasks can contribute to that larger goal.”

Moore’s deep knowledge of the Campus Senate by-laws and the history of their actions recently played an important role when the body decided to review and revise their rules. He has also worked hard to carefully organize recent and past Campus Senate records and to make them more accessible to the campus and easier to navigate.

“This has been very helpful to the many groups who consistently need to use those records in their ongoing work,” said his nominator. “Brian regularly receives numerous requests for information. He is prompt and courteous about locating the needed information and sending it out in a timely manner.”

On campus, Moore works with students on the Undergraduate Student Research Support Program and with faculty to plan the Student Technology, Arts & Research Symposium. He is the Civil Service Representative to the Campus Senate Committee on Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity, and Access and has served on two high-level search committees. In his free time, he plays the saxophone in the UIS Band and the UIS Pep Band.

“Brian is known for taking the initiative, anticipating problems, suggesting solutions, and supporting whatever solutions ultimately are selected. He consistently earns the respect of his colleagues, and is a highly valued member of our staff,” said his nominator.