Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Betsy Goulet is the March Employee of the Month

Betsy Goulet, a clinical assistant professor and Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) coordinator, has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for March 2018.

Goulet started the CAST certification program in 2015, which led to the creation of a Residential Simulation Lab and the mock courtroom on campus to teach students how to better protect at-risk children and families. She went a step further by partnering with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to launch a Child Protection Training Academy at UIS, which has trained hundreds of DCFS investigators and first responders.

“Betsy is a tireless advocate in the effort to demonstrate what effective collaboration and partnership between professionals and organizations can mean for the University, the community and the State of Illinois,” said her nominator.

Her nominator says that Goulet approaches every project with “enthusiasm and optimism” and “exudes friendliness, kindness and humor.” When obstacles present themselves, Goulet takes a solution-focused approach in order to overcome challenging situations.

“Betsy embodies creativity, knowledge and accountability,” said her nominator. “She is not afraid to propose ideas and solutions that are unique or uncharted. Betsy demonstrates preparedness by seeking and including research and resources in her proposals and strategies. She holds herself and others around her to a strong level of accountability, but is not above being flexible and yielding to new ideas or approaches.”

According to her nominator, Goulet’s kindness makes her one of the most approachable people on campus. She demonstrates daily her appreciation for those around her and makes an extra effort to know everyone by name.

“Betsy also is the first to acknowledge the efforts and contribution that others bring,” said her nominator. “This fosters a work environment that creates cohesiveness and inspires productivity. Simply put, Betsy selflessly inspires, encourages and motivates others.”

In addition to her efforts with the CAST program, Goulet is an active member of the Campus Senate and supporter of the UIS Cox Children’s Center. She has served on numerous search committees on campus and is a member of the Space Allocation Committee.

“I am not sure how to convey all that I have learned from working with Betsy,” said her nominator. “I have never met such a smart, humble and gracious person in my professional life. She sees potential in everything and everyone, she stands up to systems and hypocrisy and does it all professionally and humanely.”