Monday, November 12, 2018

Library Specialist Pamela Scott named the UIS Employee of the Month for November

Pamela Scott has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for November 2018. She is a library specialist who serves as the night supervisor at UIS Brookens Library.

According to her supervisor, Scott “works the hours many would not work, and she does it with extreme dedication making sure that our patrons are provided with the best service possible no matter the time of the day they come to the library.”

Scott also works with faculty members to make sure they have the course reserves that are needed. According to a nominator, she has recently been working with new software to make sure electronic course reserves are accessible.

“Pamela cares deeply about providing positive experiences for our student employees and patrons and will go out of her way to provide those experiences,” said her supervisor.

Scott recently showed her dedication to students by shifting her schedule to complete Safe Zone training through the UIS Gender and Sexuality Student Services Office.

Her supervisor adds, Scott is “dependable and applies excellent judgment in emergency situations and is always on time.” She also plans her time off around intersession (between semesters) when her absence will have the least impact on library operations.

“Pamela is one of those employees who is rarely seen because of her hours, but the library wouldn’t be able to operate without her,” said her supervisor. “She is a deeply valued member of our staff.”

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Building Service Worker Dana Marmino named the UIS Employee of the Month for October

Dana Marmino has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for October 2018. He is Building Service Worker for UIS Facilities and Services.

Marmion was nominated by several co-workers on the fifth floor of the Public Affairs Center, where he is responsible for janitorial duties. Since Marmino has taken over cleaning responsibilities on the floor, which houses the Chancellor’s Office, Academic Affairs and Advancement, the appearance “has simply been outstanding.”

“Restrooms are usually cleaned more than once a day and the quality of Dana’s work is outstanding,” said a nominator. “Although he is shy in persona, Dana is courteous and friendly and looks to help out however is appropriate for his role on campus. He demonstrates great pride in doing his job well.”

According to his nominators, virtually everyone on the fifth floor has commented about the noticeable improvement in cleanliness with Marmino on the job.

“Dana takes time out to say ‘hi’ and interact with people while he works,” said a nominator. “It’s never more than a minute, but it’s a nice break in the day to see him. He takes care to do exception work as well and it’s noticeable.”

Marmino’s supervisor describes him as “very dependable” and as an employee who goes above and beyond to make sure his co-workers are happy.

“Dana has asked numerous staff in his area what he can do to improve service,” said his supervisor. “This is something that doesn’t normally happen in our department. I have received several letters telling me what an exceptional job he is doing.”

According to his nominators, Marmino is “diligent” and “highly self-motivated.”

“He takes initiative by reporting to staff about issues needing attention that are beyond the scope of his duties and following up on these issues to ensure their resolution,” said a nominator. “Dana exemplifies Leadership lived on a daily basis and is obviously deeply committed to UIS.”