Friday, August 31, 2018

Jay Swenson from Campus Recreation named the UIS Employee of the Month for August

Jay Swenson has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for August 2018. He is the assistant director of competitive sports and facilities for UIS Campus Recreation.

Swenson is known for continually working to improve the areas he oversees and for volunteering to help plan major campus events, such as Springfest. He recently took on additional job responsibilities in order to better serve students.

“Jay takes on projects looking at how it can be done, rather than looking at the obstacles and deciding it would be easier to say no,” said a nominator. “He helps students be aware that he is open to new ideas and refreshing old ones.”

An example of a new idea is Rec Madness, an event he created in April in order to bring more attention to the intramural basketball championship games. He created a neat atmosphere consisting of dip-n-dots ice cream, a photo booth and a three point contest.

“Jay goes above and beyond for UIS students,” said another nominator. “From outdoor adventures, to supporting the many club sports, and taking on some of the facility scheduling, he gets things done!”

Swenson recently oversaw several major Campus Recreation improvements, including the installation of new lights in Rec Park, the addition of a miniature golf course and the upgrade of the sand volleyball court on campus.

“He has a great personality and enjoys working with both staff and students,” said a nominator. “Jay has a positive approach and attitude that is apparent.”

He recently brought back intramural softball, which has been played on campus in four years. He also helped students create a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and oversees international students who are part of the UIS Cricket Team.

“Jay has a great rapport with all those he works with,” said a nominator. “With so many international students going on our trips and playing cricket, Jay is well-known among our Indian students.”

Outside of Campus Recreation, Swenson volunteers as a Springfest judge and helps with freshmen move-in day and commencement. He also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House.

“He is proud to work at UIS and it shows on a regular basis,” said a nominator.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Charles Wells from UIS Food Service named the Employee of the Month for July

Charles Wells has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for July 2018. Charles is a culinary worker in UIS Food Service.

"To me, Charles is the epitome of an employee of the month," said his nominator. "He is warm, kind and friendly. He performs his duties with care and consideration, and he goes above and beyond to reach out to faculty, staff and students to make them feel welcome at UIS."

Charles is known for his friendly smile and readiness to serve.

His role is vital to students, in particular, on the UIS campus.

"I have seen him connect with many students on a personal level, to make them feel more at home when they are away from where they grew up," said the nominator.

Food is a way for people to connect and build relationships and Wells takes his role seriously.

"I would love to see him win this award for so many reasons, but mostly because he is truly deserving."