Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sadie Furman is June EOM

According to Sadie Furman's nominator, Sadie, who works as an administrative clerk in Information Technology Services, will drop everything if someone calls her for help. Not only that, but she'll come to your office with a smile and a pleasant attitude, brightening your day a bit while lending a helping hand. For these reasons and more, Sadie has been selected as the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for June.

In addition to having a great attitude, she is unfailingly dependable and consistently positive, respectable, honest, and caring. "Sadie has established great working relationships with the ITS staff and student assistants, the university community, and with the major vendors we work with to the clear benefit of the department and the campus," her supervisor writes. "She is a great pleasure to work with. She has brought a great deal of positivity to the department, works well with everyone, and is very proactive.

Her nominator sums it up like this: "Thank you, Sadie!! You are an asset to UIS IT!!"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rance Carpenter is May EOM

One must be doing something exceptional to be described as "awesome" by his co-workers, and that's precisely the word used by a colleague to describe Rance Carpenter, the director of the Graduate Public Service Internship program, and the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for May.

Rance's nominator describes him as easy going yet very professional; someone who has formed good relationships with state agency supervisors that will keep the GPSI program thriving. His supervisor describes him as one of the good guys. Someone who treats everyone he works with--from interns to faculty--with respect and consideration.

"He is always building rapport," his supervisor writes, "and his behavior has directly contributed to a widespread, favorable view of GPSI," and to the high regard his staff has of him.

Rance's nominator believes he's an excellent example of Leadership lived at UIS, and though he sometimes believes he has to play Good Cop/Bad Cop with the university's interns, his nominator doesn't it see it that way.

"He says he has to be Good Cop/Bad Cop sometimes with the GPSI interns, but we never really see him be bad cop because he sits down with the interns and has a one-on-on conversation, and in the end everyone is happy," writes his nominator.