Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Charles Wells from UIS Food Service named the Employee of the Month for July

Charles Wells has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for July 2018. Charles is a culinary worker in UIS Food Service.

"To me, Charles is the epitome of an employee of the month," said his nominator. "He is warm, kind and friendly. He performs his duties with care and consideration, and he goes above and beyond to reach out to faculty, staff and students to make them feel welcome at UIS."

Charles is known for his friendly smile and readiness to serve.

His role is vital to students, in particular, on the UIS campus.

"I have seen him connect with many students on a personal level, to make them feel more at home when they are away from where they grew up," said the nominator.

Food is a way for people to connect and build relationships and Wells takes his role seriously.

"I would love to see him win this award for so many reasons, but mostly because he is truly deserving."

Friday, June 15, 2018

Jill Briggs from UIS Admissions named the Employee of the Month for June

Jill Briggs has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for June 2018. She has worked at UIS for more than 10 years, serving as a senior admissions counselor.

In the past three years, she’s taken on additional responsibilities, such as managing the student ambassadors, a group of UIS student employees who give tours and speak to prospective students. She also oversees high school student group visits and leads preview days.

“Since Jill has taken over group visits, she has put her very own Prairie Star flair on them,” said a student who nominated Briggs. “Before a group even arrives, Jill goes to decorate the room to be in the style of the school or group that is coming. If given enough time, Jill may even use the group’s school colors and mascot.”

Briggs has also made positive changes that have enhanced preview days for prospective students and their parents. She added a question and answer session, which allows prospective students to ask current students questions about UIS life and ease any worries. She also added a spirit team, made up of student ambassadors, who walk around and greet students as soon as they arrive.

“Jill is firm and upkeeps high standards, imparting on us always that we are the first representation of the school that prospective families see. At the same time, Jill is understanding and never gets upset that we are students first, when it comes to a circumstance where we are sick or have to study for a test,” said the student nominator.

Each preview day starts with Briggs buying breakfast for the student workers and staff. She is more than just a boss to the student ambassadors that she supervises. She’s a mentor, a role model and a friend.

“Jill always wants to know how we are doing: reaching out when we are dealing with tough times, check to make sure our stress levels are not going too high, celebrating with us when we achieve an academic or student leadership accomplishment, telling a funny joke to ease the mood while at the same time reminding us to be vigilant in our studies,” said the student nominator.

Briggs holds a holiday party of the student ambassadors each year and when they graduate she makes them a picture frame with a picture of their ambassador class and words of encouragement, which she often presents to students with tears in her eyes.

“Jill is always nice and has positive things to say,” said a second nominator. “She is supportive when she needs to be, a cheerleader when she needs to be, and just someone to go to. She never has anything bad to say or let’s on if she is having a bad day. Her attitude is to make your visit at UIS the best possible visit no matter what.”