Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Joy Thibadeau named the 2016 UIS Employee of the Year

Joy Thibadeau, assistant to the vice chancellor for graduate education, has been named the 2016 Employee of the Year at the University of Illinois Springfield. She was honored during a reception on January 25, 2017, in the Sangamon Auditorium Lobby.

Before announcing the winner, UIS Chancellor Susan J. Koch praised the eleven Employees of the Month who were nominated.

“When I think about the vision of our university, the phrase that always pops into my mind is that conviction that we’re all trying to make a difference in the world,” said Koch. “When I think about our employees that phrase really comes to mind.”

According to her nominators, Thibadeau is known for her dedication to students, faculty and staff and for going above and beyond what is expected to help them. She is also committed to improving efficiency within her office and has introduced new electronic methods to streamline processes, such as the employment application for graduate students.

“I can count on Joy to always keep in mind that providing an excellent educational experience to our students is our first priority,” said a nominator. “She has a strong commitment to their success, which in turn inspires her commitment to excellence in her position.”

In her job, Thibadeau oversees the application process for graduate students applying for jobs on campus. She also is in charge of getting the UIS Catalog published online. She works with all of the academic departments to obtain course descriptions and student related data.

“Joy is kind, helpful, and professional in approach,” said one of her nominators. “She is a good listener, and tries to understand the perspective of those with whom she is working. She is collegial, and does excellent work as a member of a team.”

As Employee of the Year, Thibadeau will get a check for $500, plus a special parking spot for the entire year.

“Thank you all. It’s just great to work here with a great bunch of people,” said Thibadeau in accepting the award.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chuck Coderko is the December Employee of the Month

Chuck Coderko has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for December 2016.

As director of construction, Coderko is overseeing the construction of the new UIS Student Union. He has handled all aspects of the project from the “programming” phase, through schematic design, construction documents, bidding and now construction.

“He not only worked seamlessly with a large group of consultants, developing and carrying out their contracts, but also made everyone at UIS feel included in the design process,” said his nominator.

Coderko is also known for his great sense of humor and the ability to always put a positive spin on any situation.

“He has an excellent personality and works well with faculty, staff and students,” said his nominator. “He is extremely well organized and multi-tasks extremely well. He has upwards of thirty constructions projects ongoing at all times, but is always game to handle more.”

Coderko is often one of the first people on campus in the morning and often works through lunch and into the evening if necessary. He regularly volunteers to participate in faculty and student presentations in the evenings and on weekends.

“He is well liked and respected by his co-workers, faculty, staff and students and is always first to step up and provide more than has been asked of him,” said his nominator.

“Chuck says this is the best job he has ever had!”