Monday, December 17, 2018

Library Technical Associate Evan Barber named the UIS Employee of the Month for December

Evan Barber has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for December 2018. He works as an Information Technology Technical Associate at Brookens Library where he handles in-house technology needs.

According to his nominator, Barber “is incredibly dedicated to his job and is a forward and innovative thinker,” adding that he is “an integral part of the library’s daily operations.”

“Evan provides exceptional customer service to library patrons and his co-workers,” said his nominator. “This is deeply appreciated by our patrons and library staff. He is friendly and prompt when responding to results for assistance, and very good at talking about technology to people of all tech levels.”

According to his nominator, Barber is always looking for ways that the systems department can help the library improve services and resources to patrons.

“Specifically, it was his idea to create a Library of Things collection for patrons,” said his nominator. “This collection quickly became one of our most popular collections, and does a lot to offer additional resources to support campus life for students.”

Barber’s dedication to students is evident by his involvement on the Haunted Library and Springfest event planning committees. He also has formed strong working relations with Information Technology Services and Student Life on campus.

“He is kind and polite to everyone,” said the nominator. “He works hard, comes to work with a positive attitude, and is deeply appreciated by his co-workers.”

According to his nominator, due to the nature of his work, the impact of Barber’s work often goes unnoticed by the community at large, but that doesn’t stop him from constantly working harder and striving for better.

“Evan is a joy to work with, and much of the library’s systems and services run smoothly because of him,” said the nominator.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Library Specialist Pamela Scott named the UIS Employee of the Month for November

Pamela Scott has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for November 2018. She is a library specialist who serves as the night supervisor at UIS Brookens Library.

According to her supervisor, Scott “works the hours many would not work, and she does it with extreme dedication making sure that our patrons are provided with the best service possible no matter the time of the day they come to the library.”

Scott also works with faculty members to make sure they have the course reserves that are needed. According to a nominator, she has recently been working with new software to make sure electronic course reserves are accessible.

“Pamela cares deeply about providing positive experiences for our student employees and patrons and will go out of her way to provide those experiences,” said her supervisor.

Scott recently showed her dedication to students by shifting her schedule to complete Safe Zone training through the UIS Gender and Sexuality Student Services Office.

Her supervisor adds, Scott is “dependable and applies excellent judgment in emergency situations and is always on time.” She also plans her time off around intersession (between semesters) when her absence will have the least impact on library operations.

“Pamela is one of those employees who is rarely seen because of her hours, but the library wouldn’t be able to operate without her,” said her supervisor. “She is a deeply valued member of our staff.”