Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vickie Cook is March Employee of the Month

Faculty, staff, and students know when they pass by Vickie Cook on campus, they will receive a warm smile and a greeting.

Vickie's kind demeanor is simply one more trait that makes her an exceptional UIS employee. She is also an optimistic problem solver, a mentor to her staff, and a leader in her field. For these reasons and more, she has been selected as the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for March.

Vickie is the director of the Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service. Her nominator says she helps her staff to develop their individual strengths while also cultivating better ways to guide the team. "Each member of the COLRS staff feels supported by Vickie; each of us feels comfortable sharing goals, both professional and personal, knowing we will be heard, understood, and offered guidance," writes her nominator.

Vickie's supervisor says Vickie sees her role as a "missionary of learning with the highest quality standards." She regularly remind her staff and university administrators that the purpose of online learning to take UIS to students who cannot come to the campus.

She is also a trusted colleague and friend. "Everyone she encounters from Provost through the deans, department chairs, faculty, support staff and students know that Vickie Cook is a dedicated professional in which you can trust," writes her supervisor. "She looks you in the eye and speaks firmly with conviction, authority and kindness."

In the words of her nominator: "She is a true mentor and inspired team leader."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Karina Moore is February Employee of the Month

Karina Moore wears many hats in the Teacher Education department.

She is the Online Coordinator and the Director of Clinical Practice. She coordinates many online classes and their corresponding campus visits. She secures student teaching placements for each teacher candidate and tracks their data and paperwork. She does all this with an upbeat outlook. For these reasons, Karina has been selected as University of Illinois Springfield February Employee of the Month.

Karina's nominator calls her a master of positive communication. "The relationship building she has done with school districts has done much to shine a positive light on the Department of Teacher Education and the University of Illinois Springfield," the nominator writes.

Her supervisor says that her position in the department has no down time during the academic year. "Prioritizing allows her to produce quality work as quickly as possible," he writes, also noting her excellent communication skills that help her to excel in her job.

"The Department [of Teacher Education] always appreciates Karina's positive and constructive outlook and the work she does with building our partnerships," her nominator writes, "but we want the rest of the UIS community to know just how special she is and how important her work is to the rest of us."