Friday, August 11, 2017

Mohan Chevuri is the July Employee of the Month

Mohan Sandesh Chevuri, a web specialist III for UIS Web Services, has been selected as the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for July 2017.

Chevuri played a major role in upgrading the campus website to Word Press, a new content management system. He conducted research, found ways to save the university money and planned the rollout of more than 10,000 responsive web pages.

He also led the effort to design and code the UIS Mobile App and is working to make the UIS website more accessible to people with disabilities.

“In my years of professional experience, I have never seen anyone acquire a new set of technical skills as quickly as Mohan does,” said a nominator. “He moves from web to mobile to accessibility skills as though he is speaking one language. However, from a programming and development standpoint, these are completely different languages and skillsets.”

Coupled with his technical skills, Chevuri is known for taking a big picture approach to implementing solutions for the web and mobile presence of the university. He often works quietly in the background, but accomplishes a tremendous volume of work.

“Mohan is an example of Leadership lived, but he is not someone who boasts of his work and is humble in receiving accolades. To him, he was hired to provide a set of services and solutions, and feels that he is simply doing his job,” said a nominator.

His co-workers say he looks for positives in every situation, which helps in building a productive team environment.

“Mohan is an excellent mentor to the students working in Web Services. Students have written to me how Mohan was helpful to them in acquiring a new programming language that led to a full-time job,” said a nominator.

Outside of UIS, Chevuri volunteers at The Hindu Temple in Chatham where he often helps serve meals and organize events.

“Mohan is a coding genius who goes above and beyond to help the university stay on the cutting edge of web design,” said a nominator. “He could easily be working for Google or another major tech company. We are so lucky to have him at UIS!”