Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brian Truter is the June EOM

Information Technology Services System Administrator Brian Truter may be the first Employee of the Month to walk into the room holding a laptop, but he is not the first to be fooled.

Truter thought he was on his way to help fix an email problem when his co-workers pulled him into the Public Affairs Center Restaurant. They surprised him with the news that he had been named Employee of the Month for June 2011.

“(I thought) I would never get caught by this trick,” said Truter. “I got totally busted.”

Truter has been employed at UIS since 2008, working his way up from fixing lesser servers to the critical ones he cares for today. He was instrumental in the recent campus upgrade to Exchange 2010 and is always willing to help solve problems.

“He’s very funny,” said Janis Santini, ITS networking analyst who presented the award. “He’s got a lot of good stories and a lot of good Marine stories, so he’s brought a lot of joy to us.”

Truter thanked everyone for coming, but decided to keep things short.

“Well everyone knows I hate meetings, so I’m going to make this very short and say thank you very much. I’m not saying anything else,” he said.

As Employee of the Month, Truter will receive a special parking spot for the month along with some extra spending cash on his i-card.