Friday, December 12, 2008

Chrisa Potthast is December EOM

Chrisa Potthast tried to call in sick on Friday morning, December 12, but her supervisor, Suzy Woods, asked her to come in for a meeting anyway.

The "meeting" was actually Chrisa's own party to celebrate her as the Employee of the Month for December!

"I'm sorry I made you come in, but I hope you understand now!" Suzy laughed.

Chrisa is a disability services specialist, specializing in adaptive technology, in the Office of Disability Services.

"You have been selected because you have exhibited outstanding courtesy toward others and an exemplary performance in your job," Suzy noted. "You have also enthusiastically supported UIS."

"And let me just say," Suzy added, "that not only is she an exemplary employee, she is the sweetest person in the world. I'll be stuck on this side of campus without an umbrella in the rain, and she'll come and get me. So many people, when they found out you won, called me and said 'I'm so glad it's Chrisa!'"

At first Chrisa was unsure why the PAC restaurant was full of people who erupted into cheers when she walked in, but she was grateful for the honor, even if it meant coming in when she was sick.

"Thank you, everyone," she said.