Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kara McElwrath named Employee of the Year for 2010

Information Technology Services Training Specialist Kara McElwrath was named UIS Employee of the Year for 2010 during the 28th annual celebration in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby on January 24, 2011.

McElwrath is known for being reliable and committed to her job. She always takes the initiative to help others on a proactive basis. She even offers computer workshops outside of her normal work hours.

“I’m speechless and in my line of work that is very rare. This is an unbelievable honor and I am delighted to work here with all of you,” said McElwrath.

McElwrath was among 11 other individual Employees of the Month nominated for the award. Other candidates included Susy Woods, Natalie Taylor, Beth Hoag, Ron Turner, Amanda Bly, Pinky Wassenberg, Gale Kilbury, Lori Giordano, Kathy Henry and Greg Mayes.

“There just aren’t a lot of jobs where you can do the kind of work that I do with the wonderful people I get to work with. People invite me into their offices, their classrooms, and their computer labs… and invite me to help them do their work,” she said.

McElwrath’s nominator praised her for always maintaining open communication with her team members, which has helped in the growth of the team when it comes to support and future planning of services. Kara exemplifies customer service and addresses the needs of the customer. She started at the university in August of 2007.

The Employee of the Year gets a check for $500, plus a special parking spot for the entire year.