Friday, March 14, 2014

Cecil Peveler is March EOM

Cecil Peveler has worked at UIS for fifteen years and takes great pride in managing the university's facilities. He treats the equipment he uses as if it were his own, and he works tirelessly in solving building-related issues for the school. For these reasons and more, Cecil has been chosen as the UIS Employee of the Month for March 2014.

His supervisor describes him as one of the unsung heroes on the campus, working behind the scenes to keep the place running well. His nominator says he has the monumental task of keeping the creature comforts in campus  buildings operational. "The next time you feel you are not too hot or cold, get food at the Emporium, or use a restroom, know that he and his team are behind the scenes making those things run as smoothly as they can with limited personnel and resources and they still get the job done."

Not only does he get the job done, but he's a firm believer in working as hard as necessary to do so. His supervisor says he "comes from the 'old school,' where you always come to work, you always do the best job you can do and even though everyone may think that he's going above and beyond, he thinks he's just doing his job."