Friday, May 28, 2010

Beth Hoag is May EOM

Beth Hoag
, assistant director of Student Life suspected something was up, but had no idea she was about to be named Employee of the Month for May 2010.

“I couldn’t figure out why Karen Moranski kept asking me questions and making me walk with her, but I was like I’ll just go along with it,” said Hoag.

It all started to make sense when Hoag walked into her surprise party on May 27 in the Public Affairs Center Restaurant.

Hoag has been a valued employee at UIS for the past four years. During that time she created the Student Organization Center, which has lead to growth in the number of student groups on campus.

“Everything I do here at UIS is really for the students and I couldn’t do it without them and my colleagues, so it’s really an award for all of us,” said Hoag.

Director of Student Life Cynthia Thompson says under Hoag’s leadership important policies have been updated and the number of activities on campus has increased.

“Anyone who has been involved at all on campus or with Student Life, I’m sure has had the impact of Beth’s work,” said Thompson.

Hoag ended her award presentation by announcing, “let’s eat some cake”. It was decorated with a variety of accouterments.

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