Monday, April 21, 2014

Danny Lau is April EOM

Danny Lau emanates kindness. He greets students and staff with a bright smile while serving some of the most popular dishes in Food Emporium. You can always tell when he's serving his fried rice by the number of people in line waiting to buy some. Because of his delightful personality, dedication to his work, and willingness to help however he can, Danny is the UIS Employee of the Month for April 2014.

Danny's nominator noted that Danny greets everyone warmly, and he tries to be of help to international students, sometimes by giving them money out of his own pocket. He also shares words of wisdom to lift their spirits. "It is for his grace, happiness, and general willingness to support everyone here at UIS that I nominate him for the EOM award," his nominator writes.

His supervisor says Danny is willing to help whenever and wherever needed, and he never says a negative word about any task he's given. He always meets or exceeds the needs of the food services department.

"Danny is an example of what we should be looking for in all our employees," writes his supervisor.

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