Monday, November 17, 2008

November EOM is Rowena Vail

When Rowena Vail walked into the Public Affairs Center restaurant on Monday afternoon, November 17, she thought she was coming to a meeting about budgets. Instead, Rowena was surprised by numerous coworkers and friends who gathered to celebrate her being named November Employee of the Month.

Rowena held a position in the cataloging department of the library at UIS in her earlier years, before leaving to pursue other job opportunities. She then came back to UIS to work for the Capital Scholars honors program a year and a half after it began.

Rowena now serves as the assistant to the director of the honors program.

"She jumped right in, she became indispensable immediately, the students loved her immediately, and we came to depend on her absolutely because she is extremely dependable," said Karen Moranski, associate vice chancellor for Undergraduate Education and associate professor of English. "And over the years, she has continued that service to the Capital Scholars honors program."

"So many of you know her through the honors program and others in other ways, but she is a tremendous asset to UIS," Karen added.

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