Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tammy Craig is April EOM


It took longer than usual to get the surprise planned for Tammy Craig, but on Wednesday, May 14, the campus community celebrated Craig being named as the April Employee of the Month.

As the director of the Career Development Center, Craig assists students in preparing for their lifelong careers and works to improve the resources offered at the center for all members of campus. Her continuous involvement with the campus community, her work ethic and her friendliness to everyone she comes across make her the perfect choice for the Employee of the Month for April.

Craig was honored with a reception in the Student Center.

"For those of you who work with Tammy, you know how quickly she moves," said Dr. Marya Leatherwood, associate vice chancellor and director of enrollment management. "But as a result of that fast movement, we have had to reschedule this Employee of the Month celebration not once, not twice but three times!"

"I'm sorry to have inconvenienced all of you," Tammy joked.

The Employee of the Month award is well-deserved by Tammy, Marya said.

"She is doing so many things and really has a vision for the Career Development Center," she said. "It's most deserving, and we're delighted."

Tammy commended all of the staff she has worked with at the Career Development Center and others throughout campus for being supportive and nice to work with.

"Coming into the Career Development Center in 2001 was really probably the best part of my career so far," she said. "The staff that has worked there over the years - current staff, retired staff - it's just been a pleasure, and I couldn't have done anything with you. And as far as all of the other departments that collaborate with us, I just want to thank you as well. Everyone has been wonderful to work with all of these years."

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