Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Judy Hughes is the November Employee of the Month

Judy Hughes, administrative clerk for Brookens Library, has been named as the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for November 2017.

“Judy’s willingness to help people and go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis makes her ideal for the EOM award,” said her nominator. “On a regular basis, Judy is asked to help coworkers and students with various tasks, some of which exceed the scope of her regular duties or interrupt her daily responsibilities to which she is always glad to stop and help.”

Hughes’ job is to ensure the timely processing of vendor invoices and the filing of invoices. She has helped to streamline the process by assisting in the introduction an electronic system, which is more efficient and eliminates the chance of invoices getting lost.

“This has allowed for an instantaneous payment process to occur,” said her nominator. “After the payment is made, Judy has additionally helped shape the electronic tracking system so that payments are tracked in a clear and concise manor. Before her revision to the process, vendors got paid much slower and discrepancies occurred more often.”

Hughes handles the workload with a “constant positive attitude” and “always has a smile on her face,” according to her nominator.

“Even when Judy is busy working on the many projects that she is expected to handle at one time, she always makes sure that the people around her are happy and tries to brighten their day with positive comments and thoughts.”

Her nominator adds that Hughes has “an exceptional relationship with everyone in the library” and student workers often turn to her first for help.

“You can tell that she is highly relatable as the students, whom are often more timid and afraid to talk to adult supervisors, feel comfortable coming to her and asking for help, even if it is due to their lack of completing a timesheet,” said her nominator.

Coworkers add that Hughes is loyal to UIS and has always went the extra mile for the university in her more than 13 years on the job.

“Judy speaks up when she sees areas for improvement in the library, yet never complains about her own job or projects she may not want to or enjoy doing,” said her nominator. “Judy is a great person.”

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