Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June EOM is Doug Sheley

As a building service worker assigned to the Public Affairs Center, Doug Sheley probably knows what's going on in the PAC better than his own house. And that was a major difficulty in planning his party as June Employee of the Month.

But when co-workers finally decided to just lie and say that tables needed to be set up in the restaurant for a special event, Doug's eternal willingness to help out played right into their hands. He walked into the restaurant without hesitation and without suspecting a thing.

After the applause died down, Building Services Supervisor Tim Ritzo made the presentation. "It's my honor to present this," said Tim, "because Doug is one of the hardest-working guys we have on staff. He'll do anything at any time for anybody. This is very much deserved."

Accepting the honor, Doug said, "The job I do is a combined effort. I get a lot of help and I work with a great bunch of people. Thanks very much."

Doug's wife, Pam, and two of their three children -- daughters Emily and Grace -- were on hand to help celebrate. Isaac, their son, was unable to attend.