Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March EOM is Lisa Clemmons-Stott

Working as development director in a small radio station, Lisa Clemmons-Stott generally knows what's going on. But Lisa's colleagues at WUIS kept her out of the loop quite nicely when she was chosen Employee of the Month for March, even going so far as to hold the party right out in the station's reception area.

"When I came in this morning, I wondered what all that food was for," she remarked later. "I figured it must be for Pledge Week, though it would've been stale by then."

Actually, Lisa's party was unusual in that in started not right on time, but early. The "staff meeting" that was held to get her out of the way broke up despite the best efforts to ask questions and otherwise drag things out, and Lisa got to her party before most of the well-wishers.

General Manager Bill Wheelhouse cited Lisa for her "very hard work as we head into an important time for the station."

Said Lisa, "I'm really surprised. I love the university and the station and I'm glad to do what we all do."