Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Employee of the Year is...Doug Sheley!


The 2007 UIS Employee of the Year was announced on Tuesday, February 5 during the annual recognition ceremony in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby.

Doug Sheley was named the recipient of the award in front of a large crowd of faculty and staff at the reception. Sheley was the Employee of the Month in June and became momentarily speechless when his name was called as Employee of the Year.

"Everybody's been teasing me if I had my speech ready, and I said, 'no!'" he laughed. "To have this honor is unbelievable; I really appreciate it. I just work with a bunch of wonderful people."

The other employees of the month during 2007 included Kathryn Kleeman, Lisa Clemmons-Stott, Brian Beckerman, John Ringle, Bill Ulery, Dale Abeln, Patsy Nation, Krystal Wilson, Melanie Smith and Pat Austin.

All of the Employees of the Month were able to stand and be recognized for their achievements before Chancellor Richard Ringeisen read Sheley's name as award recipient.

Wesley Weisenburn, assistant vice president for human resources, served as Master of Ceremonies. The 11 Employees of the Month display exemplary characteristics and attitudes, he said.

"We have come today to honor, recognize and celebrate their achievements," he said. "These 11 employees as selected by their peers on campus for Employee of the Month serve as leaders in their departments; they serve as 11 role models as they lead by example. Their proficiency, skills and attention to their work assignments and to fellow employees and their customers are observed by all of us."

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