Monday, August 29, 2011

Marsha Neposchlan is the August EOM

Food Service Office Administrator Marsha Neposchlan entered the PAC Restaurant for her Employee of the Month party through the kitchen door. While it might have been an unusual entrance for most, it was all about fooling Marsha.

“You guys really did surprise me, my heavens. I didn’t know anything was going on,” said Neposchlan.

Neposchlan was named Employee of the Month for August 2011 in a room full of co-workers, family and friends. She started at UIS on June 19, 2006 and was promoted to the position she currently holds.

“Marsha has done an exemplary job for this department and has really bailed us out on any number of things. She has applied herself ever since coming here,” said Brian Patton, director of UIS Food Service.

She is known for being helpful and always having candy near her desk.

“I personally reply upon her, extremely heavily, for everything including where I left my keys,” said Patton.

Co-workers presented her with a corsage, flowers and a cake as part of the celebration.

“You guys went all out. Very good, thank you so much,” said Neposchlan.

As Employee of the Month, Neposchlan will receive a special parking spot for the month along with some extra spending cash on her i-card.