Monday, August 12, 2019

UIS Health Services’ Linda Nixon named the Employee of the Month for August

Linda Nixon, Health Services office manager, has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for August 2019. Nixon has worked in Health Services for more than 10 years.

Nixon is known for her quality work, expert knowledge and for going above and beyond to help her co-workers in need.

“Since working with her, there’s been countless occasions she has stepped up without blinking an eye to give assistance. Without hesitation she’s helped myself, several other staff, and students with the simplest of tasks, and some things that haven’t been quite so simple,” said her supervisor.

As part of her job, Nixon reviews all announcements, posters, mass emails, formal notifications, official forms/documents, social media and advertisements for Health Services.

“She does a great job corresponding with vendors, other campus contacts, and other campus departments/staff,” said her nominator. “She is outgoing and willing to reach out to seek information when needed without hesitation Linda uses good judgement and can problem solve efficiently, particularly during stressful situations.”

Her nominator says Nixon is friendly and always has a positive attitude when working with students, staff or anyone on campus.

“Linda is fun to work with in the office as well,” said her nominator. “She is friendly, flexible, loyal and easygoing. The atmosphere in this entire office is very much like a family, which is very important to all of us.”

Nixon often works late hours to make sure Health Services has a presence at orientation, campus events and to make sure important deadlines are met.

“Linda is a valuable member of the Health Services team,” said her nominator. “It’s comforting to know that I can depend on Linda.”

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

UIS Athletics’ Ashlyn Beasley named the Employee of the Month for July

Ashlyn Beasley, assistant athletic director for game operations and fan engagement, has been named the University of Illinois Springfield Employee of the Month for July 2019. In her role, she oversees every home sporting event for UIS Athletics.

Beasley is passionate about her job and is known for her positive attitude, outstanding customer service skills, dependability and for effectively mentoring her student staff.

“She mentors and motivates her student staff in a way that educates them and helps them to enjoy their role,” said a staff nominator. “Ashlyn does great things for not only student-athletes, but also for our non-athlete students, the Athletic Department and UIS.”

A former student worker, who nominated Beasley, calls her “the best boss I have ever had,” adding that she is “great at her job.”

“I have never saw someone work so hard and extra at their job,” said the former student worker. “She has helped UIS so much and has run huge events, such as the IHSA basketball games that brought in thousands of dollars for UIS.”

The former student worker says Beasley inspired him, teaching him about social media management and a positive work ethic.

“I have met a handful of people during my three years at UIS that have truly inspired me for their helpfulness to student and the way they lift everyone up and motivate other people to do their best,” he said. “Ashlyn is the number one of these types of people.”

Beasley’s supervisor calls her “a great ambassador” for UIS, noting she often works long hours, sometimes up to seven days a week.

“She accommodates last minute changes in events and coordinates several activities simultaneously,” said her supervisor. “She is always seeking opportunities to help others, impact the student-athlete in meaningful ways and contribute towards our vision and mission.”

Overall, her nominators say she is deserving of the Employee of the Month award because she is a great representative for Athletics and UIS.

“She is constantly working hard for UIS, constantly being nice and helpful to every student that passes her, every donor and UIS fan knows her by name,” said her former student nominator.

“I would endorse her as the employee of the month every month,” added her supervisor.