Monday, May 14, 2007

John Ringle is May EOM

The day before commencement is one of the busiest days on campus. So as John Ringle, (left in photo)director of housing and residential life, walked back across campus from a "meeting" on Friday morning with Steve Chrans and Jim Korte, he didn't think too much about the crowd gathered in the patio area outside Lincoln Residence Hall. Even though there was a grill and tables set up and someone was cooking hotdogs, John, Steve, and Jim kept on talking business, right up to the minute when the crowd broke into applause.

John was being steered into the party honoring him as Employee of the Month for May.

"I always thought I would never fall for this," said John as Steve prepared to make the official presentation.

Reading from nominating materials so he "wouldn’t mess this up," Steve hailed John as the "epitome of an engaged UIS community member."

"He cares deeply about the housing residents and is committed to them," Steve continued. "Just about any Saturday you can see his car in the parking lot."

"I have a great staff and great colleagues," John noted. "Thanks, everybody."