Thursday, September 27, 2007

Patsy Nation is September EOM

As operator for the campus switchboard, Patsy Nation is often the first contact that people have with UIS. So it's important that she not only know what's going on around campus, but also that she can relay that information in a clear and pleasant manner.

And since Patsy is also a secretary in the Provost's Office, it was Debbie Gill's job to praise those qualities and more as Patsy was named Employee of the Month for September.

But first Patsy's colleagues had to lure her in to the PAC restaurant on Thursday afternoon, which proved difficult. "She won’t come in!" said Debbie.

So Provost Harry Berman intervened. "Patsy," he said, "do you really think all these people are here for an HLC reaccreditation meeting?"

Making the official presentation at last, Debbie explained, "We weren't sure we were going to be able pull this off. Patsy is the social coordinator in our office, and it's hard to pry her away from her desk.

"She's a wonderful ambassador for the campus and the Provost's Office," Debbie continued. "Her loyalty and dedication are commendable. You know that TV show 'Everybody Loves Raymond'? It really should be 'Everybody Loves Patsy.' It's a privilege to have her on our team."

"Well, I'm shocked," Patsy replied. "It's really because of the people I work with. Thank you all!"

Joining in the party were Patsy's husband, Bud, and their daughter, Mandy.