Monday, May 13, 2013

Keith Burton is the May EOM

Keith Burton, Associate Professor of Psychology, thought he was pulling an old switcheroo on his boss, James Ermatinger, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. Little did he know the switcheroo was about to turn back on him.

Professor Burton arrived at the PAC restaurant believing the party taking place there was in honor of Dean Ermatinger. Ermatinger arrived knowing it was for Burton, who was caught completely off guard when he learned he had been selected as the UIS Employee of the Month for May 2013.

According to his nominator, Burton is known for his patience, kindness, and humor. He projects a soothing aura when dealing with students, faculty, or staff who are upset or need assistance. "Keith has a great sense of humor, friendly demeanor, pleasant outlook, and is extremely helpful to everyone he comes in contact with," writes his nominator. "He has a wealth of information and the [Dean's Office] staff has come to depend on him to provide a voice of reason in stressful situations."