Thursday, September 03, 2009

Michelle Green is August EOM

When Michelle Green was up late making a cheese ball for Diana Nelson's Employee of the Month party, she said she didn't mind because she knew what a great job Diana has done for UIS lately.

So when Michelle walked into Diana's celebration on Thursday afternoon, September 3, she got a huge surprise when she found out the celebration she had been helping to plan was actually for her!

Michelle, director of marketing for the university, was named August 2009 Employee of the Month on Thursday during a surprise party in the Public Affairs Center Restaurant.

"You guys are good!" Michelle laughed when she realized the party was in her honor. "And I'm usually not easily fooled!"

Being director of marketing, Michelle works very closely with the staff of the Office of Admissions to craft the branding and messages that they use to recruit students to UIS, said Ed Wojcicki, associate chancellor for constituent relations.

"We're all grateful to you for your hard work and helping us focus on our brand," Ed said.

Michelle has also done a lot of market research over the summer to "help us understand who we are," Ed said, and helping the public to recognize UIS as a university that provides a U of I degree with small classes and professors who have great relationships with their students.

"She works really hard," Ed said. "She is one of many one-person operations we have here at UIS, which is not easy to do. But she does it, and she does it extremely well. So we're here to honor you as Employee of the Month."

Michelle acknowledged that although she is a "one-man band," she couldn't do her job without everyone that she works with.

"I just want to say thank you for coming today," she told the gathered crowd. "This is a great place to work because of the people. Everyone's open to new ideas."

"I love being at a place where we're on our way up and making progress," she added. "I know what we're doing is really important, so thank you all; I really appreciate it."

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