Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kimberly Craig is June EOM

Kimberly Craig thought she was walking into a faculty development workshop on Thursday morning, June 18, but was in for a surprise. Kimberly was named June Employee of the Month in a celebration in the Public Affairs Center.

Kimberly is the assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education for UIS and coordinates the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience speaker series.

"She has single-handedly started and run the speaker series, bringing thousands upon thousands of speakers to UIS to deal with engaged citizenship," said Karen Moranski, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education.

"Kimberly is just steady as she goes, she's our mainstay in our department, and we're just thrilled to do this for her today," Karen said.

Kimberly began her career at UIS in 1995 as a temporary employee and always said she'd like to work in her current office.

"Here I am back all these years later," she said. "I always knew I wanted to work here, and I love it, so you're stuck with me. Thank you."

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