Friday, February 16, 2007

Kathryn Kleeman is February EOM

Kathryn Kleeman, assistant director of Admissions, may have wondered – after a cold, snowy week filled with closings and reschedulings – why this meeting late on a Friday afternoon couldn't be postponed, too. If she did, she found out when Lori Giordano led her into the PAC restaurant.

Surprise! Kathryn was Employee of the Month for February.

"We were a little worried about being able to pull this off on time," said Admissions secretary Lee Wensch. "Lori (associate director of admissions, and Kathryn's boss) was on vacation, then on Tuesday the storm blew in. We had to do it on a Friday, because that's when the counselors are here."

Fortunately, the party went off with only a couple of little hitches – the coats hanging outside the restaurant were a giveaway, and Kathryn had been congratulated in advance, though she persuaded herself that the person had her confused with someone else.

"I'm surprised," said Kathryn. And she was.

"Kathryn is the go-to person in our office," noted Giordano. "She works very hard, and if anyone deserves this honor, it's her. Whenever I have to be away I never worry about the office running smoothly. Kathryn organizes all the events at our Preview Days, and she also goes on the road when we're short of recruiters."

"I have to say this is very unexpected, and very appreciated," said Kathryn. "And I am certainly not the only one who deserves this – everyone in our office does. Thank you all."

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