Friday, March 23, 2012

Karen Headrick is the March EOM

Karen Headrick wondered why her daughter took the day off, but soon found out when she was named UIS Employee of the Month for March 2012. She was surprised by family and friends during an awards ceremony in Brookens Library’s Mary Jane’s CafĂ© on March 23.

Headrick is described as a “knowledgeable person who strives for performance excellence.” She is known for anticipating the needs of students and faculty and working after hours in her role of office support specialist for the Business Administration program.

“Karen is very helpful to students and spends a great deal of time in telephone and face-to-face meetings with them,” said one of her nominators. “She is highly regarded by the faculty in the Business Administration program. She’s also very helpful to other support staff within the College, offering her knowledge and experience freely.”

Headrick serves as the “face” of the Business Administration program and has been instrumental in shaping, promoting, and advancing the agenda of the department.

“Karen has truly made her mark as a person of integrity, and as an exerciser of good judgment. Karen Headrick exhibits competency, sophistication, and professionalism in her duties,” said a second nominator.

As Employee of the Month, Headrick will receive a special parking spot for the month along with some extra spending cash on her i-card.

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