Monday, February 15, 2010

Kara McElwrath is February EOM

Information Technology Services Training Specialist Kara McElwrath was taken by surprise when she was named UIS Employee of the Month for February 2010.

“I was talking to Tulio about my son eating lady bugs in the hallway, so I was totally not prepared for this,” joked McElwrath.

McElwrath joined the UIS family in August of 2007 and quickly became an integral member of the ITS staff and a true asset to the University. Kara and the ITS Instructional Technology Support and Training team are responsible for training UIS faculty, staff, and students in multimedia and productivity software packages including Microsoft Office and Mac applications.

She also teaches future teachers best practices for implementing technology in the K-12 classroom as an instructor of TEP 305, Technology for Teaching.

“Kara's dedication to the University is evident in the volume of projects she takes on and in the exceptionally high quality of her work,” said Tulio Llosa, ITS Director of Educational Technology. “Kara is known for her thoroughness, her stellar communication skills, and her boundless energy.”

McElwrath has also been heavily involved in the implementation of and support for eDocs, the myUIS web portal, Atomic Learning, Task Stream, and more.

“I’m truly honored and feel very, very fortunate to work here with such a great group of faculty, staff and students,” she said.

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