Monday, August 27, 2007

August EOM is Dale Abeln

Anyone who works in building services is hard to fool when it comes to planning an EOM party, since they always know what's going on in their buildings. And, as building service supervisor, Dale Abeln was harder to dupe than most.

But his colleagues are a creative (and sneaky) bunch and Dale didn't have a clue when Steve Marvel and Tim Ritzo led him into PAC conference room C/D on Friday morning – until he caught a glimpse of the crowd waiting inside, that is. Then Steve had to push him through the door.

Ritzo, building services superintendent, explained that he and Dale had been involved in planning some furniture moves and it was "most difficult to get him down here.

"If I had to pick someone who is semi-level, who doesn't get too upset about too many things too often, it would be Dale," said Tim. "This is well-deserved."

Bearing out Tim's description, Dale didn't seem too taken aback by the surprise. "I've been here a long time," he said. "It's been nice working here … though I'll still be glad when I get my time in. Thanks!"

Dale's wife, Linda, and some of their children and grandchildren were also there to help celebrate.

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